Penny Lectures

A case for the nation to sing and be healthy

On Thursday 25th January 2018, Professor Grenville Hancox MBE visited Morley to give a fascinating  Penny Lecture on the centrality of singing in a balanced and caring society. Read Grenville's call for a petition below to find out more...

A message from Professor Grenville Hancox MBE

'Thank you for your interest in or attending the Penny Lecture 'And why not singing on prescription?' given by me at Morley College London on Thursday January 25th. If you weren't able to attend the lecture, you can view it at the bottom of this page on the Morley College London YouTube channel.

I concluded my presentation by suggesting that we could realise our shared aim if we utilised social media and organised a petition calling for Singing on Prescription as a cost effective intervention for the NHS in a variety of settings. Please will you be part of this and help achieve the goal?

Click the link below to sign the petition for 'Singing on Prescription' to be adopted by the NHS:

If you have any questions please contact Matthew Shipton,, who is organising the petition and will contact you directly.'

Professor Grenville Hancox MBE - And Why Not Singing on Prescription?

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