Looking for a career change? Morley can help!

The BBC recently posted an article about people who successfully changed careers as adults. If you’ve ever thought about taking the plunge, there are lots of ways you can make your dreams come true here at Morley! For example…

1. Take an unaccredited course at a time that suits you

An unaccredited course is a great way to build your skills in something you may already do as a hobby, or explore something you’ve always been interested in. Every term we have hundreds of short courses to choose from, covering almost every subject you can think of, from fashion and ceramics to languages and digital media. And with most subjects, you can choose whether to study during the day, in the evening, or at the weekend, so you have the flexibility to work around your existing commitments. Whatever you choose, our tutors all come from a professional background, so you’ll still learn the things you need to start building a career - just look at Phoebe Morgan, who recently had her first novel published after taking Advanced Fiction Writing with us!

2. Get qualified within a year on an accredited course

If you want to get into some careers, like complementary health or bookkeeping, it's best to pick up a qualification. We have several Level 3 courses that not only give you work skills, but also a recognised professional qualification at the end of your study - and these are attainable within a single academic year. Our Advanced Learning courses include everything from Professional Reflexology and Health and Social Care, to Textiles and Music Production, and we even have some intensive courses starting in January or April if you want to start as soon as possible. See our full list here, or find out more at our Higher Education and Advanced Learning Open Day on 31 January.

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3. Get on the university track with an Access course

Need a degree for your dream career but worried you don’t have the right qualifications to get into uni? An Access to Higher Education diploma is a great option - these year-long courses offer a combination of subject-specific teaching to give you a solid grounding in the subject of your choice, while also training you in higher-level study, research and academic writing skills, so you can move on to uni feeling fully prepared. Our Access courses cover everything from Business and Humanities to Nursing, Midwifery and Biomedical Sciences, and best of all is that your course could be FREE if you take out an Advanced Learner Loan to pay your tuition fees - once you complete your degree, the loan repayments are waived. Find out more about the Advanced Learner Loan here, or find out more about Access diplomas at our Higher Education and Advanced Learning Open Day on 31 January.

4. Get a university-level qualification without the university

If you want to get a higher-level qualification but are worried about the time or financial commitment of a degree, the good news is that uni isn’t the only option anymore. A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a two-year, uni-level course that gives you plenty of options once you graduate. They’re respected professional qualifications in their own right, so you’ll stand out in the job market and could enter the workplace at a higher level. Or if you want to take your study further, several UK universities offer “top-up” degree programmes where you’ll receive credit for your HND work and can earn a full degree in one year. Whatever your ambition, you’ll get professional training from industry experts, and you’ll pay significantly lower fees - an HND is just £6,000 per year, as opposed to the £9,000+ charged by universities. Our HNDs cover all our core schools - Visual and Digital Arts, Music and Performing Arts, and Humanities and Applied Sciences. Browse our full selection here, or find out more at our Higher Education and Advanced Learning Open Day on 31 January.

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5. Promote your work at Morley with our events throughout the year

Whether you’re on a part-time evening course or studying at uni level, you’ll have lots of opportunities to show off your skills at Morley. Our HND and Access to Fashion students round each year off with a fully-staged catwalk show, our Music and Performing Arts students get numerous opportunities to perform in public, and we run a number of exhibitions in our various display spaces throughout the year, often featuring student work. We even offer the opportunity to sell your work at our annual Winter Fair!

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