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Top tips for making children's clothes

Morley Fashion tutor Linda Powell shares her Top 5 Tips for making children's clothes...

"Making clothes for my kids helped me build skills for making clothes generally. It's quick and fun and uses much less fabric, and if you use fabric from clothes that have say have a worn collar but otherwise good, there is the satisfaction of making a new garment from one that would be discarded.

The skills required for cutting patterns and making clothes for children is equally useful to those interested in both men and womenswear. " - Linda Powell.

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Top Tips...

1. Keep it fun - include super heroes n heroines and fun patterns

2. Keep it comfortable - fabrics that don't scratch and styles that kids can jump around in

3. Keep it practical - fabrics need to go into the washing machine

4. Keep it fashionable - kids are very aware of what they like

5. Keep it sustainable - adult clothes are great for cutting down for little ones especially big shirts

Feeling inspired? Why not check out our Pattern Cutting for Childrenswear course starting soon...

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