Get ready for travelling to Korea with Morley

Travel is easier when you speak Korean. 

Every step of your journey will be easier if you know at least some of essential words and phrases such as "How much is that?" or "Can I have …?" or "Where is...?"

You will certainly feel a little more at ease if you are caught in a place where no one speaks English.

Can you figure out what the sign below means which very often appears at a cafeteria or a noodle bar in Korea? Here is a hint: all words on the sign are English except one...

KoreanTravel is more fun when you know the language. It's just more enjoyable when you try speaking Korean. Most Koreans are nice to foreigners but you will always get a little better reception when you make some effort to speak Korean to the locals.

Travelling abroad gives us a window into another culture and a different view of life. You know this!  Maybe that's part of why you're going to Korea. While trying to engage yourself with the Korean-mother tongue people, you will grasp it.

By Hyechong Jang - Morley College London Korean tutor

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