Bursary Available for Advanced and Higher Art and Design Students

Morley College London is pleased to announce that means tested bursaries will once again be available to eligible students who enrol on one of the Advanced Level or Higher Education art and design courses starting in September 2017.


The means tested bursaries are open to all eligible students who enrol on the College’s Access, Foundation, or HND Art and Design courses, and provide additional support in paying for fees, course materials, travel, and childcare. This is a great opportunity for students who want to develop their passion for art into either higher qualifications or a career, but who may have missed out on further study because they’re concerned about the expenses surrounding advanced-level study.Maybelle Laye, Access to Fashion student

Morley College is such a positive place to be. Every aspect of the course was really interesting and thought-provoking, and the amount of effort and care that the tutors put into each and every one of us is great. I haven’t studied anywhere like this before and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a really great experience for me.

Maybelle, Access to Fashion

Students who wish to apply for the bursary should speak to a member of staff from the School of Visual and Digital Arts in the first instance. Applicants must have been offered a place on a valid course before they apply, and a proof of income will be required to complete the application.

Valid courses for the Art and Design bursary are:

Morley is very inclusive. It encourages you to be creative and experiment; it’s all about process and being creative with it, rather than worrying about the outcome, and I think that’s brilliant. That’s the best practice and the best grounding, because that’s how you operate in the real world.

Katherine, Textiles Foundation

For more information on the bursary, come along to our Higher Education Open Day on Saturday 19 August, or our Advanced Learning Open Day on Tuesday 29 August, and speak to a member of VDA staff.

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