Still Moving Showcase

Still Moving Showcase

Still Moving is a course for photographers to develop skills working in the specialist area of dance photography.

This inventive provision was initiated by Siobhan Davies Dance during Big Dance 2010, the UK’s largest festival of dance, as a way of documenting dance activities throughout the festival. During the course photographers gained skills and experience in photographing dance.

As a neighbour of Siobhan Davies Dance and as a centre long-established for its creative and educational activity and innovation, we are very pleased that Morley College has been able to host this year's Still Moving course.

Participating photographers have worked with a variety of dancers, both at Morley and at Siobhan Davies Dance studios. As a result they have experienced a range of aesthetics and influences, including contemporary, flamenco and tap dance. Guided through the process by tutor Pari Naderi, the photographers have had the chance to work with a breadth of differing dance dynamics across different locations to create a set of visual responses.

The results can be seen in this excellent gallery of photographs depicting a splendid array of dance and dancers in motion.

Photographers: Peter Ergis, Louise Hercules, Mystique Holloway, Emily Jenkins, Derek John, E. Jean Johnson Jones, Ariadne Mikou, Karen Rowntree.

Dancers: Lexi Bradburn, Iratxe Gardoqui, Dave Banks, Cathy Burfield, Bradley Smail, Fenella Juanita Barker, Asako Ogawa, Jo Redfearn, Kumi Liley, Luisa Asirvatham, Ellen Slatkin.

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