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Top 5 Ways To Get Through Writer’s Block

It’s one of the most frustrating things any creative writer has to deal with – wanting to write something but just not being able to find the inspiration. But don’t dismay when it hits. We have some ideas to get you through it. We also offer a range of Creative Writing courses at Morley, they can be found here

1. Carry a notebook and pen

In the queue for your morning coffee. Standing on the platform at the tube station. Washing the dishes after dinner. You never know when or where inspiration might hit, so you don’t want to miss it when it does! Keep a notebook and pen in your bag or pocket and write your ideas down whenever you have a breakthrough. You can use the memo function on your phone too if you need a hands-free option!

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2. Use a writing prompt

Having trouble coming up with an idea to get started with? Let someone else do it! There are lots of websites that have writing prompts you can use for free, and some will even give you an entire plot structure to play with. Check out this list at Writer’s Digest, or try this random plot generator at

3. Write now, edit later

As Ernest Hemingway sort-of said, “the first draft of anything is terrible”. Worrying about whether or not you’re writing something good can stop you from writing anything at all. The most important thing is to get the words on the page and get your story moving – you’ll have plenty of time to fix the bits that don’t work so well when you’ve finished!

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4. Break things down and set goals

Writing an entire novel is a huge task. But breaking a huge task down into lots of smaller ones makes the whole process much easier to manage. Make a rough plan of your story, including a rough number of chapters and important moments in the plot, then concentrate on those parts, one at a time. Aim to write a small amount every day – maybe 200-500 words – and treat yourself whenever you complete a chapter or finish a big scene!

5. Write with others 

It’s just like having a gym buddy or joining a support group – being around other people in the same situation will keep your motivation up and can help give you a fresh perspective when you get stuck. Look online for writers’ groups in your area… or sign up for a Creative Writing course with us and start building your own circle!

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