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A new dye garden for Morley

This year, the textile department at Morley College London, in collaboration with Permablitz London, are creating an educational and beautiful dye garden.

The old sand pit has been redesigned using the principles of permaculture, a system for sustainable living that aims to create a fertile soil where plants can grow, as a low maintenance dye garden. 

The first Permablitz workshop happened on 18 February 2017. A group of students, tutors and volunteers prepared the soil and began the process of making a dye garden: they cleared the area and dug over the soil enriching the earth with leaf mould and compost. It was a full day outdoor workshop in natural dyeing with weld (a dye plant) on silk.

The textile tutor, Zoe Burt, explained “A wildlife habitat was formed at the base of one of the plane trees. Weed suppressant was pegged down and textile tutor Mary Spyrou planted madder” she added “we planted calendular seeds to nurture and plant at the next workshop”.

The second Permablitz workshop is on Saturday 1 April from 10 am to 4pm. As a tool for learning about sustainability the project invites anyone interested, to connect with their environment and learn about plants that yield colour and fibre. There is space for 15 volunteers.

Booking is essential, please RSVP to info@permablitzlondon.com.

Zoe Burt teaches: Natural Dyeing 1 

The next course starts 25 April 2017 book early to avoid disappointment

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