Lucia Pizzani

Student Spotlight: Lucia Pizzani

After graduating from her Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, the Venezuelan visual artist Lucia Pizzani, decided to continue her studies and, in 2009, she joined a ceramics course at Morley College London. With a Biology background, Lucia’s work revolves around issues of gender, body and a lifelong interest in nature. She has exhibited not only at Morley Gallery for the Made at Morley exhibition but also in different cities around the globe such as Caracas, London and New York.

Why did you choose Morley?

I started studying at Morley by the recommendation of friends and artists. I wanted to go deeper in ceramic sculpture and all these years Morley has been a fantastic place to learn and develop a better use of the materials for sculpture.

What courses have you attended at the college?

Since 2009 I have taken different courses. To me, Morley is a working place that offers a very supportive learning environment. The equipment, the facilities and the advice from tutors like Duncan Hooson, Alex and Victoria as well as from my peers have been essential for continuing my research on gender issues and ceramics.

What are your plans at Morley going forward?

I will keep attending and working at the ceramics course and also, in the future I would like to take a printmaking course.

In her latest project, Descent, Lucia explores the notion of decline through the image of the serpent and the various symbolic meanings associated to it in different cultures. It is currently being exhibited at House of Egorn in Berlin until 21st March.

To find out more about Lucia Pizzani’s work, current exhibitions and news please visit her website:

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