Morley tops learner satisfaction in London

Morley College has been rated as London’s top college for learner satisfaction in the 2014/15 FE Choices study published by the Skills Funding Agency.

The study aims to provide clear and comparable information based on success rates of learners, learner destinations and employment rates, and both learner and employer satisfaction.

Morley’s score of 8.9/10 puts it number one out of London further education colleges for learner satisfaction. Key results from the survey include 9.5/10 rating for Respect from Staff, and Teaching and Support both rated 9.1/10.

Notably, more than 95% of learners indicated they would recommend Morley to friends or family.

Principal Dr Andrew Gower was especially pleased with the results, including those for courses that specifically support students prepare for life and work:

“Scores of 9.2 out of 10 indicate the excellent service Morley College provides to its learners.

We celebrate the success of our Access to Higher Education courses as students pursue their ambition to progress to university. With 100% of those students completing the FE Choices survey confirming they would recommend Morley there is no better college in London at which to enrol for an Access to Higher Education programme.” 

With over 13,000 students per year, Morley remains a popular choice for students interested in learning about the arts, culture and applied sciences. 

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