Tutor Toolkit on EMMA

Advanced Learning Coordinator Susie Wright introduces a new Tutor Toolkit being launched soon on EMMA:

Tutor Toolkit

"Getting EMMA with the Program!

"We are working with Learning Enhancement Champions to review the content of and relaunch the Tutors Toolkit tile on EMMA, to enable everyone to more effectively find information on the intranet that is relevant and of use in classes. Key content will include cross-college themes, such as Digital Inclusion, Employability, and Progression, as well as essential information that tutors need to know about Morley and the ways in which we can enhance our teaching practice.

"We would welcome your feedback on what is useful in the current Toolkit, what you think is missing, and any examples of best practice we can share cross-college.

"Please email either me or Joanna Duchesne before Easter with any suggestions! More coming soon..."