Tutor Success - Hazel Reeves

Congratulations to Sculpture tutor Hazel Reeves, whose commission of a sculpture of Emmeline Pankhurst is due to be unveiled on 14 December in Manchester.

Emmeline PankhurstThe sculpture is entitled “Rise Up, Women”, but is also affectionately referred to as “Our Emmeline”. Its unveiling date coincides with the 100th anniversary of the first General Election in which UK women were permitted to vote, and will be on display at St Peter’s Square in Manchester. Hazel’s design, which depicts Pankhurst delivering a speech while standing on top of a chair, was selected from a shortlist of six designs and chosen through a public vote, managed by the WoManchester project.

“In ‘Rise Up, Women’, I want to convey Emmeline’s vitality, courage, dignity, and beauty, while capturing some of her driven and uncompromising nature, essential in transforming the establishment,” Hazel says about her design. “I feel incredibly privileged to be selected to sculpt my hero, and Manchester’s hero, Emmeline Pankhurst. There was tough competition. The response to my design has been overwhelming; Emmeline as the courageous, determined and dignified activist.”

The unveiling will take place as part of a day of celebration that begins at 10.30am at the People’s History Museum and the Pankhurst Centre. Read about Hazel’s sculpting process on her blog, and find out more about the WoManchester Project here.