Staff Survey

Head of Human Resources Michelle Punt details the results of this year's Staff Survey:

"Thanks to all staff who participated in this year's Staff Survey! It provides the College will some useful feedback on issues and allows us to take action on them.

"156 staff (28% of the staffing body) completed the survey. Of the 156 staff:

  • 22.4% were managers
  • 43.6% were teachers
  • 32.7% were support staff
  • 1.3% are unknown

"The vast majority of responses were positive both in terms of distance travelled and when benchmarked against other Colleges. Nevertheless the areas we would like to make improvements on are:

  • Keeping staff informed
  • Consulting staff on changes
  • Supporting staff in their role
  • Improving confidence in SMT decision making.

"With the input of staff at the staff conference and through the HR Committee, the College is looking to improve these areas through the following methods:

  • Open discussion with staff regarding what constitutes effective management so we can understand the issues, inform staff development and set expectations.
  • The incorporation of upward feedback through the performance management processes in due course.
  • The provision of regular updates on operational arrangements by School / Centre for their staff.
  • Central feedback e-mail address ( with e-mails reviewed by SMT.
  • Staff briefings to include discussion about changes.
  • Summary of SMT meetings & key decisions available on EMMA.

The full results of the survey can be found on EMMA.