Staff Party 2018

Thank you all for coming along to this year’s staff summer party! We enjoyed spectacular weather in the garden, along with a wonderful selection of food and drinks, as we celebrated the achievements of the College and our staff members over the past year.

Staff Awards 2018

As part of this celebration we announced the nominees for the Staff Awards, each of whom received a certificate, followed by two special awards: one for Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and another in recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the College. The recipients of these awards received bespoke trophies designed and made by former Zsuzsi Roboz art scholar Cara Rainbow.

Gwenneth Pryor - Staff Awards

The award for Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment was given to Piano tutor Gwenneth Pryor, whose achievement this year included a 100% satisfaction rating from her students in the annual student survey. The award also marked 50 years since she joined the College as a tutor.

“My favourite thing about working here is the students themselves, and all they give to me with their music,” Gwenneth said. “The interactions and relationships I’ve had with my students, and everything I’ve learned from them, have been the most important things to me in my time at Morley.”

Julie Quinn - Staff Awards 2018

The Outstanding Contribution Award was awarded to Health programme manager Julie Quinn. Julie was selected from among all the nominees by the HR Committee, because of her dedication in setting up our Health courses at the Stockwell Centre, and supporting both our staff and students in working and studying there.

“The best thing about Morley is the students,” Julie said, “and my favourite types of students are the ones who don’t think they can achieve, and helping them to achieve their final qualification.”

The other nominees for the Staff Awards were as follows: