Staff Excellence Awards 2019

Staff Excellence Awards 2019Many thanks for attending our Staff Excellence Awards and Summer Party this year! Congratulations to all the staff who were nominated for awards:

Enhancing the Positive Impact and Outcomes of Learning

  • Anne Coffey, MIS
  • John Atteridge, Essential Skills
  • Pascale Samy, Essential Skills
  • Paul Kemp, VDA

Evolving, Adapting and Developing to Meet Students' Needs

  • Chloe Stephens, MPA
  • Gillian Melling, VDA
  • Pedro Diego, Student Services
  • Robyn Hodby, MIS
  • Suzy Mills, HAS
  • Will Johnson, MIS

Nurturing Potential and Inspiring Ambition

  • Amanda Dunne, HAS
  • Anne Coffey, MIS
  • Denise Duncan, HAS
  • Glynnis McCourt, Essential Skills
  • John Senatore, HAS
  • Jorge Balca, MPA
  • Kendra Du Toit, MIS
  • Lynda Kinne, VDA
  • Maureen Watson, Community Learning

Respecting Diversity and Promoting Equality

  • Roland Weidl, Stockwell Centre

Working in Partnership to Achieve Shared Ambitions

  • Amanda Hutchison, Finance
  • David Crisostomo, Finance
  • Elaine Andrews, Learning Resources
  • Ewa Blundell, Quality and Standards
  • John Senatore, HAS
  • Malachi Peters, Premises
  • Marie Randall, Student Services
  • Marlon Newton, Premises
  • Michael Turkheim, Community Learning
  • Nick Wonacott, Marketing
  • Will Johnson, MIS

Congratulations are also in order for Neil Falla from Finance, who was awarded the overall prize for Working in Partnership to Achieve Shared Ambitions, and Helen Pavli from Additional Learning Support, who received the award for Oustanding Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

Helen Pavli, Staff Excellence Awards"I'm really proud of the two courses that I teach," Helen says. "I've mainly worked in the Drama ALS for adults with learning difficulties, and I think what I'm proud of is just to be part of their journey, and to widen participation and to make an impact on them actually making connections with others in the group. I don't think it's just about the learning. I think it's also about coming to a place that welcomes them. So, yes, it's about education but it's also about making connections with others, breaking down the isolation they might feel."