Staff Advantage - Top Tips

All tutors currently teaching are now using Staff Advantage, and we hope you’re beginning to enjoy its various functions. We asked Helen Foster, Jon Cole, and Will Johnson for the latest updates on the new system, as well as their Top Tips on how to make the best use of it:

We’d like to draw your attention in particular to the ‘risk tracking’ function, which is a tool which indicates the risk of a student not achieving on the course.

The risk facility is attached to each student individually on the register and allows you to RAG rate a student’s risk and then to enter the category, some examples of which are such as childcare responsibilities, financial difficulty and physical ill health. Once a risk is added you may then create an action plan to address the identified risk, agreed with the student. The aim is that that the facility becomes your working document and compliments your current student record keeping.

Here are our top tips for using Staff Advantage:

  • Please check your class list on the left hand side of the home page to ensure all of your groups are there. These are linked to your pay claim.
  • Please check your students’ risk ratings. The automatic attendance application may have started highlighting low attenders to you. Consider speaking to the students to implement action plans where this is the case.
  • Did you know you can search for a free room using Staff Advantage? Using the “Search” option and selecting “Find Free Room” opens up a screen that is useful for finding out whether a room is available. Note: you will still need to book out the room formally with the rooming team, or via your Programme Manager or Departmental Administrator.
  • Remember to apply the College punctuality rule and mark students late if they enter the class 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. This is an early indicator that they may not complete their studies. If there is a specific reason such as work commitments they are consistently late then this should be entered as a risk.
  • Did you know you can find all your scheduled classes on a week by week basis in the Timetable section (click on Week Timetable in the centre of the homepage). These can be downloaded as a PDF and printed.
  • Please access your class attendance reports which are available through advantage regularly and discuss any low attenders with your programme manager.
  • Have you used the message facility on advantage yet? This can be found in the menu on the teaching group page under “Send Message” and allows you to send your groups any important reminders or announcements.
  • Review any actions plans you have set up to check if they are still valid. If students are no longer at risk please close the plans. They will still be available for you as a record but no longer show as live on the system.

Please look out for the dates of training sessions which are published in the weekly Executive round up email.