Report on Gender Pay Gap at Morley

Head of Human Resources Michelle Punt provides an overview of our research into the gender pay gap at Morley.

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“As you may be aware from the press, organisations with over 250 employees are required by law to publish annually gender pay gap information showing the difference in average earnings for men and women. Organisations in the public sector are required to publish this information for the first time by 30th March 2018 using data from a snapshot date of 31st March 2017 and using calculations laid down by the Government.

“Morley College is very pleased to report that the our data shows a very small pay gap, with the average hourly rate of pay for men and women across the organisation being very similar. In fact, whether the gender pay gap is in favour of men or women depends on which average is used. If the median average is used, the gender pay gap is slightly more in favour of women at -0.5%, whereas if the mean average is used, the gender pay gap is 1.2%.

“While previously there has been no definitive way of calculating the gender pay gap, these results are likely to compare very favourably with other organisations inside and outside of the sector. The Government’s ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings in October 2017 suggested a pay gap (median earnings) for full time employees across the economy of 9.1%.

“The College’s Report on Gender Pay for 2017 will be published on the College’s and the government’s website by 30 March. Staff will be notified by email when it is available to view.”