Digital Inclusion Training

Hands on Keyboard

Digital Inclusion Development Co-ordinator Laurence Elliott runs down the latest developments and training opportunities:

ESOL E-Folders

“The ESOL department are currently piloting the use of E-Folders on Morley’s Google Drive as a replacement for dusty paperwork in large heavy folders. Advantages include security – files can’t be lost and are password protected – and ease of access – tutors no longer have to plan work from College as documents can be accessed from home via mobile and other technologies. Google Drive also enables collaboration with co-teachers or colleagues working at the same language level – practitioners can even work on the same document at the same time. E-Folders also make life easier for programme managers who can access and moderate all files flexibly."

FREE Online Training

“The Quality & Standards department are now flagging up free training opportunities on an on-going basis. These range from Open University MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) lasting a few weeks to one hour online webinars by Jisc ( As part of its remit, Quality & Standards will be giving a particular focus to digital inclusion and transformation training. Other subject areas will also be flagged up too where they coincide with the College’s programme areas."

Here are some of the leading MOOC providers where you can find courses for both work and leisure:

Digitising Assessment

“Nearly all advanced learning programmes are now using Moodle as a teaching and learning tool. Programme Managers for many areas are also proactively leading on digitising assessment via Moodle electronic assignments. Access to Creative Digital Media and Business are now running fully digitised courses. Assessment methods are diverse, complex and vary according to individual pathways. Development work around appropriate digital methods to enhance student learning is underway this year through CPD and peer collaboration. Overall, increased digital expertise is having a positive impact on the learner experience.”