Art Studio Named in Honour of Maggi Hambling

Last week we officially named the D11 art studio the Maggi Hambling Studio, in recognition of the 50 years that artist Maggi Hambling has been with Morley as a painting tutor.

Maggi Hambling Studio SignThe naming was celebrated with an intimate ceremony in the art studio and attended by Maggi, her students, members of the VDA team, and members of the SMT. An official plaque was unveiled and will be installed in the studio once refurbishment work in Morley Gallery has been completed.

Head of the School of Visual and Digital Arts, Sara Robertson-Jonas, said of the renaming: “We’re really honoured to celebrate Maggi Hambling and inaugurate this wonderful art studio in her name. Maggi has been with Morley for 50 years and she brings inspiration, passion and enormous teaching talent. She has a wonderful group of students and we’re celebrating them as well as Maggi today.”

Maggi Hambling with StudentsMaggi also paid tribute to her students, saying: “I am very proud of the fact that none of my students paint like any of my other students, and there is no house style. It would be very easy to teach everyone to do the exact same thing, but that’s not what teaching is about. I try to interest my students as individuals, and encourage their personal vision.

“If my paintings are my children, then all of my students are my family.”