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Morley Gallery Opens 2019 Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship Exhibition

Morley Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Inside Out”, the end-of-year exhibition for this year’s Zsuzsi Roboz Art Scholars. The exhibition is open to the public in The Cello Factory, near Waterloo Station, until 12 September.

This year’s scholars were Loyane Bianchini, whose work blurs the lines between physical and digital art, and painter Kirsty Howlett.

Zsuzsi Roboz Exhibition 2019How did you find out about the scholarship, and what made you decide to apply?

Loyane Bianchini: “I heard about it through the Artist’s Newsletter – it was the first time I’d heard about Morley. I thought that the scholarship offered a great opportunity to take a year to develop my work, but then when I looked at the Morley website and saw the amount of courses available, I saw the possibilities for how much I could improve in my practice. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Kirsty Howlett: “I found out about it through [last year’s scholar] Oli Epp. I emailed him and asked him to come to my show in Brighton, and he explained that he’d done the scholarship here and that he thought it would be a good idea for me to do it too. I had never heard of Morley before, but it seemed like a place where people could expand on their skills. I decided to apply for the scholarship because I saw the range of courses and I thought I could do a few of these.”

What have been some of the highlights of the scholarship over the year?

LB: “I really enjoyed learning metalworking at Pelham Hall – everyone there, from students to staff, is really helpful, and it feels like a family or community there. But I loved doing animation and sound engineering too – I tried to go to all of the possibilities and learn as much as I could.”

KH: “I did a fine art degree but it was specifically for painting, so I didn’t get much experience of drawing or anything else that I really wanted to explore, like screen printing and metalwork. I really enjoyed the drawing though – going back to basics and learning life drawing, still drawing, and it helped so much with my confidence, of feeling able to make drawings.”

Needles by Loyane BianchiniIs there a piece in the exhibition that you’re particularly proud of?

LB: “It’s tricky to say!”

KH: “I think mine would be the seal (Untitled). It’s the first one I did confidently with spray paint, oil paint, a mixture of materials. I drew it from still life by hand, so it’s quite sentimental.

Zsuzsi Roboz Exhibition 2019 - Loyane BianchiniLoyane, can you tell us about the machine knitting prints? They’re very big and striking.

LB: “The prints are textures from 3D models – the computer constructs them. What’s interesting is that they start big, and then they get smaller and start to become pixellated. I’m also interested in how the glitches come out, and the tricks with the technology.”

Zsuzsi Roboz Exhibition 2019 - Kirsty HowlettKirsty, could you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

KH: “I start my paintings by going online and finding old posters – vintage ones from the ’20s and ’30s. I look for some that are quite striking, and then I play with them in Photoshop – mostly around the colours. And then I just paint them.”

What do you have planned now that the scholarship is over?

LB: “I’m planning to continue courses at Morley, particularly metalwork, sound, and printmaking. I also want to apply for a Master’s, for sure. But let’s see what happens!”

KH: “I’m moving from my old studio to a bigger one with more light at the moment. Hopefully in a few years I’ll apply for an MA.”

Paintings by Kirsty HowlettLastly, what would you say to someone who was interested in taking art courses at Morley?

LB: “Oh my, they should go for it! It will be the best decision ever, they’ll learn so much. And it’s not just about learning, it’s the whole environment. Everyone I’ve met is so special, so kind and super-friendly, you feel like you’re part of a family. So they should go for it – I’m telling everyone that!”

KH: “They should definitely do it, it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. The tutors are so knowledgable and they taught me so much. The quality has been amazing, they should definitely do it.”

To see more of our scholars’ work, visit the Morley Art Scholars blog. You can also follow Kirsty on Instagram at @howlettkirsty.

The Zsuzsi Roboz scholars for 2019-20 have been announced as fine artist Jenny Bell and ceramicist Helen Johannessen. Applications for the 2020-21 scholarship will open in Spring 2020.

Morley Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Inside Out”, the end-of-year exhibition for this year’s Zsuzsi Roboz Art Scholars. The exhibition is open to the public in The Cello Factory, near Waterloo Station, until 12 September.

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