Morley Festival Design Competition

In July 2018 Morley College London will host its inaugural ‘Morley London Festival of Arts and Culture’ (provisional name). The Festival will have the theme of Planets to tie in with the 100th anniversary of Gustav Holst’s famous composition Planets, which he created during his time as Director of Music at Morley between 1907 -1924.

1. Competition background

The festival launch ties in with the opening of enhanced College facilities including a new reception area.

The festival has the following top-line objectives:

  • Promotion of the College’s strategic goals across 2016-2020 – creating outstanding learning opportunities, delivering an outstanding student experience and ensuring financial sustainability
  • Establishing itself as a sustainable event that will be repeated in future years
  • Raising the profile of the College across London generally
  • Promoting the College as a cultural hub for South and Central London celebrating its heritage whilst looking to the future
  • Driving collaboration across Morley College London’s course disciplines to deliver a broad engaging festival schedule.

2. Competition requirements and scope

a. Naming – Creation of a Festival name for the Morley College London Festival of Arts and Culture. The name must embody the objectives of the festival whilst being, short and memorable enough to grab the interest of a cross section of audiences across London.

b. Logo creation – Creation of a Festival logo linked to the proposed name. The logo must be capable of being turned into a vector for design purposes.

c. Design guidelines – This element of the competition submission must include the following:

  • Details of Festival colour combinations and fonts
  • 3 examples of the design guidelines in use to demonstrate how the artwork can be used in a scalable fashion to promote the festival e.g.
  1. E-Flyer for the festival
  2. vinyl banner to be featured outside the college
  3. 728X90 pixels online banner advert.

Any entries that do not include all three elements of the competition requirements will not be considered for the competition prize.

We encourage entrants to collaborate with others to allow them to deliver an entry that covers all these areas.

3. Competition prize

The winning design entry will be awarded a cash prize of £500.

4. Eligibility to apply

  • All current students at Morley College London are eligible to apply
  • All Friends of Morley are also eligible to apply
  • We welcome entries from both individuals and design teams.

If a design team is awarded the prize the prize money will be split equally amongst all team members.

5. Applying and submission deadline

Closing date for applications is midnight 26th November 2017

6. Judging process

  • All entrants will be contacted by 11th December 2017 regarding the result of their entry. Contact will be provided by email submitted.
  • The winning entry will be announced on 14th December 2017. An announcement featuring the winning entry will be featured on Morley College London’s website homepage. Where relevant all team members will be fully credited for their work on the winning entry in the competition winner announcement.

Entries will be judged by a panel 

  • The winning design submission will be used to inform design of all marketing communications for the festival and may be used for festivals held in future years
  • The winner or winning team consents to grant copyright of the naming, logo and brand guidelines created to Morley College London to be used in marketing communications for festivals held in 2018 and in future years
  • No further payment beyond the prize money supplied will be paid for future use of designs created by Morley College London

Competition is now closed. Thank you for entering.

In July 2018 Morley College London will host its inaugural ‘Morley London Festival of Arts and Culture’ (provisional name).

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