Morley Festival - Planets

Welcome to Planets, Morley College London’s Festival of the Arts and Culture 2018. 

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Gustav Holst’s famous orchestral work “The Planets”. He was at the time, Morley’s Director of Music and the centenary has provided us with an ideas launchpad for gathering together a veritable constellation of performances, exhibitions and events.  As you will see from the events calendar below, our Festival is bookended with two special performances of Holst’s famous work and his music appears on the radar at other points over the course of Planets.  But whether at the Morley Mothership on Westminster Bridge Road or at one of our satellite venues, there is much else besides: dance, poetry, film, theatre, science, fashion, art and design as well as music of all sorts.

Holst’s “The Planets” celebrated the components of the solar system through their astrological associations including as the bringers of peace, magic, the mystic and jollity.  We hope Morley’s Planets will be a bringer of all that and more – come and explore, experience and enjoy!

Nick Rampley, Vice Principal, Festival Director

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