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Morley Art Studio Named in Honour of Maggi Hambling

We are happy to announce that our painting studio, which is located above Morley Gallery on Westminster Bridge Road, has been named in honour of the artist Maggi Hambling CBE, who has taught at Morley for the last 50 years.

In an intimate ceremony held in the studio, words of welcome were offered by Principal Andrew Gower and Maggi herself reminisced about her time at Morley, which began when she was brought in as a substitute tutor in 1969. The new plaque for the studio was then unveiled and will be erected on the studio wall once the gallery’s renovation works are completed.

Maggi Hambling Studio Sign

Paying tribute to her students, Maggi said: “I am very proud of the fact that none of my students paint like any of my other students, and there is no house style. It would be very easy to teach everyone to do the exact same thing, but that’s not what teaching is about. I try to interest my students as individuals, and encourage their personal vision.

“If my paintings are my children, then all of my students are my family.”

Maggi is also much loved by her students. “Painting was always something I loved to do, but Maggi’s class has helped to crystallise it,” said Anneka. “We all get something so special from it, and we feel we’re part of a painting tribe.”

“It’s a family, exactly as Maggi said,” Tabitha agreed. “We’re part of a really incredible family.”

Head of the School of Visual and Digital Arts, Sara Robertson-Jonas, said of the naming: “We’re really honoured to celebrate Maggi Hambling and inaugurate this wonderful art studio in her name. Maggi has been with Morley for 50 years and she brings inspiration, passion and enormous teaching talent. She has a wonderful group of students and we’re celebrating them as well as Maggi today.”

Maggi Hambling with Students

In her 50 years at Morley, Maggi has moved from being a substitute teacher to leading a popular painting and drawing masterclass each term, and has been commissioned to paint portraits of two of our former Principals – Barry Till, who was the College Principal between 1965 and 1986, and Bev Walters, who took up the post from 1991 to 2003; the portraits are displayed outside the Barry Till Gallery and opposite the College Library respectively. More information on her artwork and bibliography is available on her website at

We are happy to announce that our art studio has been named in honour of the artist Maggi Hambling CBE, who has taught at Morley for the last 50 years.

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