Working with Kensington and Chelsea College

As widely communicated through the college, Morley College London is working towards Kensington and Chelsea College joining Morley through a merger. After the merger, Morley will have three centres: North Kensington, Chelsea and Waterloo.

A report on the recent public consultation on the merger is now available can be accessed directly here. You will also find further information on the KCC website here:

The report confirms the range of responses received. The majority of responses were positive about the merger, whilst others were neutral and a small minority negative. As the report confirms, all the responses are helpful to inform how the merged college will realise its vision for the benefit of students, staff and stakeholders.

Many thanks to those who kindly responded during the consultation period. We would also like to take this opportunity to offer further reassurance that the merger is underpinned by a commitment to ensuring that provision at Westminster Bridge Road is protected and sustained. The merger proposal builds on the success of Morley by creating new learning opportunities for the students and communities we seek to serve.