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Inspired By… 2018 winners announced

Morley Gallery and the V&A Museum have announced the winners in this year’s Inspired By… competition.

The winning works celebrated a wide range of artistic media and drew upon a varied range of sources from among the V&A’s collections. We spoke to the winners in each category at the Private View of the exhibition:

Printmaking: Brendan Nevin, Morley College London – “Aleppo”

Brendan Nevin   Aleppo

“I entered Inspired By… two years ago and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to it coming around again! It’s been fantastic to take part – it’s inspiring, and it makes you raise your game. My course was really helpful – you work on your own, but there’s always a tutor there to give feedback and make suggestions. And you’re surrounded by other students doing very different work, so you have this mix, and it’s really inspiring.”

Sculpture: Paul Bonomini, Morley College London – “The Pardoner”

Paul Bonomini   The Pardoner

“I was really interested in the reliquaries in the V&A, particularly the hand reliquaries. A lot of my work is quite geometric, but my tutor suggested that I try something more organic. I think Morley is fantastic – the tutors are excellent and the facilities are really good. One of the nicest things is my colleagues – we all have a really good relationship.”

Paul was also awarded the V&A Prize for Best Use of Collection.

Jewellery: Jane de Baecke, Morley College London – “Wabi Sabi”

Wabi Sabi

Jane was also awarded the Rootstein Hopkins Prize for Outstanding Work.

Glass and Stained Glass: Janine Greenberg, Kensington and Chelsea College – “Love Light and Strength”

Janine Greenberg   Love Light and Strength

“I heard about the competition quite late, but I loved the idea of it being connected to the V&A, so I thought I’d try it out! I’ve come into glass quite recently so there are lots of techniques to learn. My tutors have inspired me to continue learning, so it feels like the beginning of a new adventure. Adult education has been a great creative outlet and a brilliant opportunity to learn.”

V&A Museum of Childhood Prize: Coral Woods, Morley College London – “Mechanical Pangolin”

Coral Woods   Mechanical Pangolin

“I was inspired by the slinky in the V&A Museum of Childhood – I always loved their simplicity and movement. The movement of the pangolin is based on the slinky movement. It’s been wonderful to take part in this and be connected to the V&A, and I adore Morley Gallery, I think it’s very special. My course was very helpful in creating the piece – I had two tutors who had lots of ideas and suggestions. There was lots of enjoyment along the way, learning about how things move.”

Ceramics: Helen Birnbaum, Southport Contemporary Arts – “Anticipation”


Textiles: Elena Deshmukh, Sutton College – “Triptych”

Elena Deshmukh   Triptych

“My piece was inspired by my printmaking work, translated into embroidery. My tutor told me about the competition – he’s a great source of inspiration and he helps us work in different ways. Adult education has been a return to the arts for me, and it’s been great to be part of a group that’s so supportive. It’s given me so much confidence in my work.”

Drawing and Painting: Valerie Burgess, Morley College London – “I Pinch Myself”

Valerie Burgess   I Pinch Myself

“My piece is a triptych inspired by a bust by Messerschmidt – I was looking for something dramatic! I got one of my daughters to pinch me while my other daughter took photos. It’s been so exciting to take part and see my work on display. I give a lot of credit to my tutor – she inspires us to think outside the box and she really supports me experimenting with my art.”

Highly Commended: Anne-Marie Turnbull, Morley College London – “A Barrel of Brooches and a Bracelet”

Anne Marie Turnbull   A Barrel of Brooches and a Bracelet

“I’ve been making jewellery and trying to get better for about ten years. My course was a massive help – I’d never worked with wood or steel findings before, and the tutors push you to get to a higher level. So to feel a sense of acknowledgement after ten years was really satisfying!”

Highly Commended: Nicola Atchley, Morley College London – “A Tidal A-Z”

Nicola Atchley   A Tidal A-Z

“I was inspired by the sea and Hokusai’s early work. A lot of the pieces in the rolodex were test plates from exploring different methods of working during my course. The teachers at Morley have been a wonderful influence and I owe a lot to them. It’s been fantastic to take part in a competition like this – it makes you work towards something, and it’s great to see your work on display. I hope people will look through it and touch it and smile.”

The Inspired By… competition runs every two years in conjunction with the V&A Museum, and with support from the Linbury Trust and Rootstein Hopkins. The finalists’ exhibition is open to the public in Morley Gallery until Thursday 24 May.

Morley Gallery and the V&A Museum have announced the winners in this year’s Inspired By… competition

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