HE Fashion


The Fashion Higher Education offering at Morley emphasises professional practice, combining design development and innovation with practical experience to prepare aspiring designers for careers in this dynamic industry.

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Catwalk Show 2019


  • Explore, experiment and refine your design style
  • Develop your specialist design, practical and professional skills
  • Grow in confidence as a designer as you journey from idea to collection
  • Learn what it takes to succeed in this dynamic industry
  • Create a portfolio of designs to launch your career


  • Provide the expertise of our team of industry-professional tutors and technicians
  • Nurture your talent in our modern, dedicated fashion studios
  • Champion originality and innovation from computer aided design to sustainable fashion
  • Cultivate the environment and advice to enable you to build your career
  • Support you in gaining placements and internships in the industry

Fashion Show 2018

Morley’s modern, dedicated fashion design studios and workrooms, equipped with individual student workstations, industrial sewing machines, professional cutting tables and dressmaker’s stands, offer the perfect environment to enable you to build your career and experience alongside our dedicated Technician support.

You will be taught by our expert team of industry professionals, with a focus on the sought-after skills that will ensure you are fully equipped to enter this dynamic and competitive industry.

You’ll also enjoy opportunities to display your work in public, including in our unique onsite gallery space and as part of the annual Morley College Catwalk Show.

Daniel Kinne