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Arrangements from Monday 6 September 2021

Ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority.

We will continue to work hard to maintain a safe, Covid-secure environment for our students and staff this new academic year.

In line with Government and Department for Education advice, many restrictions introduced in earlier phases of the Covid-19 pandemic have been relaxed at our centres. From now on:

  • The wearing of face coverings in college is not mandatory but a personal choice.
  • Social distancing restrictions will be relaxed.
  • Lateral flow testing kits will still be available to students from College centres (see below).
  • We will retain some of the measures introduced in earlier phases of the pandemic, such as enhanced cleaning and ventilation, in order to maintain a Covid-secure environment (see below).
  • Events will resume as normal (rather than at 50% capacity, as in the previous phase of the pandemic).

We will maintain the following control measures:

  • Ensuring good hygiene for everyone.
  • Maintaining appropriate cleaning regimes.
  • Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated.
  • Following public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Many of our spaces include windows, and where mechanical ventilation is required, this has been cleaned and serviced over the summer break. And we are also systematically keeping tabs on CO2 levels.

Lateral flow tests

We are continuing to make available lateral flow device (LFD) testing kits available to everyone in order that students can self-test for Covid-19 at home. Kits will be available from our centre receptions.

We ask that staff and students take these tests twice a week, at a minimum of three days apart and no more than five days apart.

If you test positive using a LFD test, this should be immediately confirmed via a Government-authorised PCR test, which should be booked immediately either online or by calling 119 and should be undertaken within 2 days.

Staff, students and pupils who had a positive LFD test result should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance and while awaiting the PCR result. If the PCR test is negative, it overrides the LFD test and the staff member, pupil or student can return to school or college, and their close contacts can end their self-isolation.

We ask that you send positive results to so that we can follow processes with students/staff who may have been in contact in the classroom. We will then advise based on current government guidance.

Operational guidance for further education establishments has been updated here.

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