Your safety

At Morley College London the safety of all our students is paramount and we want to ensure that you have a fantastic, enriching and safe experience whilst studying with us.

You can watch our safeguarding video here.

To ensure the College is a safe place for everyone, we have a Safeguarding and Prevent Policy and procedures that do just that. But what does this mean? We have a legal and moral obligation to look after all of our students, especially those who are under the age of 18 or considered vulnerable. This could be someone with a disability, an illness, someone in care, an elderly person, or someone who finds it hard to cope. And you can help us to ensure everyone is safe!

If you have any concerns about your safety or if you see anyone being bullied, harassed, abused, or even neglected, just let us know. We also need to safeguard against people being radicalized. So if you think someone is spreading or supporting extremist, or violent views, being drawn into radicalism, don’t be afraid to let us know.

We want everyone to be safe while on our courses. So, tell us if you think a vulnerable person needs help, or you see something suspicious, talk to your tutor or contact student services in the main building. ​​

Whilst you can share your concerns with any member of staff at the College, we have dedicated Safeguarding Teams in each College Centre that you can also contact. You will find their names and contact details on posters around all our buildings. You also need to ensure that you are safe if you are studying online with Morley. Your tutor and members of the Safeguarding Team can provide information about online safety and this will be covered as part of your induction if you have joined an online course with us.

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