How to use your Student Voice

Student democracy is part of the tradition and fabric of the College and you too can play your part. Watch this video to find out more.

Listening to and learning from our student body is important at Morley. It is well established and represents strong democratic traditions at the College where the input of students to our development is highly valued. Our Learner Engagement Policy covers all aspects of College activities relating to and affecting students and their role as active partners in College life and curriculum development.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives (CRs) ensure that student’s voice is heard at the programme and Centre level and (through the Student Council and the Student Governors) by the senior management of the College and its Governing Body.

In line with Morley Student Engagement Policy, the Morley Student Constitution provides for every class to elect one CR to serve on a centre-based Student Experience Forum (SEF).  In addition, each Higher Education and Advanced programme and each Level 2 programme lasting one year or longer can elect two CRs to serve on the relevant Programme Management Committee (PMC).  


Elections take place for CRs within the first 4 weeks of the academic year. Please speak to your tutor if you are interested in being a CR and they can explain the system further. Once elected you will be invited to a session with other CRs – full training and support are provided.

Student Governors

Students also influence the governance and strategic direction of the College. Two students sit on the Governing Body, where all important decisions about Morley’s future direction are taken, and play a full part in its work.

The Student Council

The Student Council has directly elected members as well as representatives from the CRF and Morley clubs and societies. It works with College management to make sure the student voice is heard. 

If you want any further information you can contact us at

Student Surveys

Your feedback is also gathered through surveys throughout your studies. You will receive at least one survey each term, by email, which asks questions about your satisfaction with your student journey and the learning and teaching you receive. Please do take 5 minutes to complete the survey. This feedback is very important to us as indicates where we need to enhance our level of service. 

Student Digital Champions

Each class can nominate its own student digital champion who will receive training on the latest technological developments used by the college. This helps to develop individual digital skills and also provides a way to help others in the classroom.

What do you do as a digital champion? 
  • You explain to your classmates what their college usernames and passwords are.
  • You show your classmates how to connect to the college Wi-Fi.
  • You show your classmates how they can reset their college password.
  • You show them how to download useful as Apps, such as Kahoot, Google Classroom
  • You go to a training session outside class time once a term.
What are the benefits to you?
  • You meet other digital champions.
  • You get support from your teacher and other staff members.
  • You develop your digital skills.
  • You develop your communication skills, including digital vocabulary.
  • You can use it as experience on your CV.

 If you are interested in becoming a digital champion please talk to your tutor.

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