Governing Body


The Governing Body has ultimate responsibility for overseeing the work of the College. It is primarily concerned with:

  • Articulating the vision, mission and values of the organisation; being responsive to the needs of the community
  • Developing strategy; setting corporate objectives; maintaining high expectations
  • Agreeing/ratifying policies; taking decisions on key matters/developments
  • Reviewing progress and impact against plans and targets
  • Providing challenge and support to the College Leadership Team
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of performance management systems, monitoring priorities that are focused on improving teaching, learning and assessment
  • Actively promoting equality and diversity; safeguarding students
  • Ensuring solvency, probity, effective financial management, and the safeguarding and development of capital assets
  • Discharging Governors' legal responsibilities as an employer; ensuring good employment practice
  • Ensuring continuous quality improvement within the organisation, including the Board's own performance
  • Meeting the College's statutory duties as a charity, an FE sector college and a company
  • Download the Morley College Limited Articles of Association


The Governing Body comprises up to 16 members from a range of professional (education and business) backgrounds, the Principal, two Student Governors and two Staff Governors.

Committees and Champions

The work of the Governing Body is supported by a number of sub-committees and working groups, currently:

  • Audit Committee
  • Quality and Standards Committee
  • Finance, Resources and Fundraising Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Search and Governance Committee

The Committees operate to approved terms of reference and specified membership which are subject to periodic review.

Clerk to the Governors: Martin McNeill

Frequency of Meetings

The Governing Body currently meets five times during the year. The Audit Committee and Quality and Standards Committee are each scheduled to meet three times each year, the other Committees meeting as needed.

View and download the minutes from the Governing Body meetings