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  • Megan Rowland-Mitchell

    College for me was a wonderful place to lose oneself, experiment, have fun and make new friends!"

    Megan Rowland Mitchell
  • Nicholas Baelz

    The tutors are great and the facilities unrivalled!

    Nicholas Baelz
  • Oliver Rix

    My favourite thing about college was having a great teacher and a pleasant space to do an activity after work, away from the stress of my job and the chaos of central London

    Oliver Rix
  • Peter Rodrigues

    I loved the course I did at Morley College - It was very interactive and in-depth

    Peter Rodrigues
  • Reny Morsch

    Studying Corsetry at Morley College helped me to get an offer to study Theatre Costume at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

    Reny Morsch
  • Robyn Steward

    My time at Morley College enabled me to reconnect with music and make loads of friends!

    Robyn Steward
  • Sarah Barry

    Morley College for me was a friendly and inspiring environment!

    Sarah Barry
  • Sarah Boyd

    I don't have just one favourite memory from college but many! Each week the creative process of printing amazed and inspired me

    Sarah Boyd
  • Serefina Taylor

    Morley is a fun, accessible and a great place to study!"

    Serefina Taylor
  • Simone Higgins

    I loved my course at Morley College. It was very interesting and the teaching was top quality!

    Simone Higgins

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