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  • Joan Kendall

    My course uncovered a wealth of creativity and it was fun!

    Joan Kendall
  • Joan Marie Herbert

    My favourite thing about Morley College was learning a new subject and meeting new people

    Joan-Marie Herbert
  • John Karley

    I chose Morley because of an interest in learning new art skills, particularly as there are great Printmaking facilities at the college

    John Karley
  • John Rushton

    The tutors and students are friendly, inclusive and generous with their time and knowledge.

    John Rushton
  • John-Eric Johnson

    If I had not decided to enrol at Morley, I might not have returned to ceramics.

    John Eric Johnson
  • Juan Martinez

    “Morley offers such a nice community to support you during the learning process

  • Keith Brazil

    My fondest memory of the college is the exciting and colourful mix of student sharing their talents and interests from across all the departments.

    Keith Brazil
  • Ken Skinner

    My fondest memory was getting great feedback from tutors and other students.

    Ken Skimmer
  • Kit Boyd

    Morley College is the best adult education college for the arts in London!

    Kit Boyd
  • Lisa Porter

    Morley helped me to make a positive decision to return to academic study and develop my interests in middle life, which I value highly.

    Lisa Porter

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