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  • Dougou Doucoure

    Joining the Morley course was a good opportunity to learn more as I was keen to start my own fashion business.

    Dougou Doucoure
  • Ellen Chambers

    Morley is completely unique, it pushes me, it encourages me and I can see my progress.

    Ellen Chambers
  • Evelin Arnoczki

    I appreciated the encouragement I received and versatile teaching methods.

    Evelyn Arnoczki
  • Geraldine McCormick

    My time at college helped me adjust to retirement as well as encouraging me to keep interests.

    Geraldine McCormick
  • Henrietta Newell

    My favourite thing about college was feeling accepted

    Henrietta Newell
  • Irina Kalmar

    The Access course at Morley was the key that unlocked the door towards higher education.

    Irina Kalmar
  • Isabel Wilkinson

    A fantastic opportunity to carry on learning. A chance to meet new people and have new experiences. A supportive and encouraging environment.

    Isabel Wilkinson
  • Jackie Adelaide

    I remember walking through the front doors and getting that feeling of freedom to learn and thrive with all the support around me.

    Jackie Adelaide
  • Janet Record

    I loved my time at Morley working with all aspects of the creative arts

    Janet Record
  • Jill Bell

    The facilities at the college were fantastic and having access to them was a definite highlight of my course.

    Jill Bell

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