Phoenix Martins

Phoenix Martins

Former Music student talks about her fascinating musical journey since leaving Morley College London

Course: Access to Music Technology
Today: Phoenix owns a DJ Agency, has her own Record Label, runs an online magazine, and teaches kids dance and drama

Phoenix Martins studied Access to Music Technology at Morley College London, a decision that propelled her life in an exciting new direction. She now owns her own DJ Agency, has her own Record Label, runs an online magazine, teaches kids dance and drama and has even toured the USA and Europe with “some awesome bands.”

Here’s what Phoenix had to say when she took the time recently to speak to the Morley and Friends Team. 

“My time at Morley prepared me well as it gave me a solid foundation and a profound knowledge of what to expect from further education,” she said. 

“After I left Morley College London I went on to university to study a degree in Popular Music. This led me into musical spaces that further expanded myself and the inner and outer workings of what being musical means to me.”

Phoenix has been involved in a lot of musical projects since her time at Morley College London.

“I've been touring the USA, Europe and the UK with some awesome bands, which was a mind blowing experience,” she said.  “As well as this I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio producing my own music and working collaboratively with other musical artists from different parts of the world. 

“I started my own record label called Alt-Waves which specialises in alternative music, and can be from any genre as long as it is alternative. I'm also a model so I've been working on great shoots and have lots of wonderful things coming up that I can't share yet.

“On top of that, I've been teaching kids Dance and Drama, as well as starting my own businesses, which include a DJ Agency, an online magazine, an online Avant-Garde fashion platform and an online platform dedicated to football – Phoenix Martins FC.

“Since leaving Morley College London I also worked at Amnesty International for a year - an experience that truly changed my life. Around this time I also travelled to Italy on an educational trip to devise some theatre projects with the locals of the area and also students from other parts of the world too,” she said.

“I chose Morley College because the facilities looked great and they had just built a new studio and live room, which looked very enticing,” said Phoenix. “Further to this the teaching staff were highly skilled and passionate about their work and their students.

“The skills I learnt that were of most use to me were learning the ins and outs of the studio, team building, debating, mic techniques and also understanding myself better in order to progress and to work cohesively with people around me.

“I've achieved a lot in my time of living and sometimes it is easy to forget what a magnificent journey I've been on as life moves so fast.

“The advice I would give to other students is to keep going, don't give up, hone in on what you really want to achieve and go for it, and most importantly, have fun with it. I would like to say thank you for asking me to do this wonderful interview,” said Phoenix finally.

“I still have goals, such as to be a UN Ambassador, start my own charity as well as make more music and direct music videos for myself - here's to the future!”

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