Ella Fearnon-Low

Ella Fearon-Low

Ella Fearon-Low: Artist Jeweller started her jewellery business after training at Morley College London.

“The longer I was in the jewellery department at Morley, the more I felt like part of the family,” said Ella.

Ella Fearon-Low is an Artist Jeweller who has taken many courses at Morley College London that have allowed her to develop her jewellery business and become the talented artist and entrepreneur she is today.

“I chose Morley College London because I wanted to train to become a jeweller and it had the course that best fitted my needs at the time,” Ella said. “I had also heard that the teaching and facilities for jewellery at Morley were particularly good.

Ella completed her Level 1 and 2 Jewellery Certificates among many other termly, intensive and short courses in a wide range of jewellery disciplines taught by leading practitioners including Diana Greenwood, Donna Brennan, Zoe Arnold, Joanna Haywood and Louise O’Neill. 

“The technical and business skills I gained at Morley College London have been invaluable as I have set up my business as a jeweller,” she said. “Over five years studying different courses I gained skills and insights from a wide range of different jewellers and teachers. Each had their own expertise to impart and all were generous in sharing their own experiences and knowledge.

“The longer I was in the jewellery department at Morley, the more I felt like part of the family. I have always felt supported by key staff in the department, especially Helen and the tutors on the year-long courses I have done. They have always encouraged me and given me the help I need to get out there.”

Whilst at college, Ella won the V&A ‘Inspired by…” prize, a national competition organised by Morley College London and judged by curators from the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Ella graduated in 2016 and has since been developing her jewellery business, developing small collections and one-off pieces in her London studio. Ella uses a contemporary palette of materials to create work with a strong aesthetic that is both sophisticated and playful.  Her signature shapes reference fine art, historical motifs and natural forms.

“I launched in December 2016 with a solo show at a private studio, and since then I have been lucky enough to be selected for the 'Getting Started' programme at the Goldsmiths' Centre,” she said. “I have also been picked up by the Scottish Gallery, who will be featuring my work in their graduate showcase in February. As well as that I have enjoyed coming back to exhibit at Morley twice in that time, once for the 'One Year On' exhibit, and again as part of the Lustre showcase this year.

“I am so grateful to Morley College London for the fantastic community of jewellers - tutors and students alike - that I have met there. I hope I will be part of the Morley community for many years to come.

“My advice to other Morley students is to have courage and go for it, it's a lot less scary once you are out there. Good luck!”

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See more of Ella Fearon-Low’s work, or follow her on Instagram at @ellafearonlow.

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