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Amanda Ishaka Adiohwo

Morley has helped me to be a better person, grown my confidence and made me more independent

Course: Improve your Reading and Writing / Brush up your English
Today: Author & Business Owner

“I was working in the catering industry for over six years and I had a very little confidence in myself and in my ability to read and write properly. I wanted to educate and improve myself, and I started by enrolling for a literacy and numeracy for beginners course at Morley.
At-home assignments were challenging, but after each assignment was marked we were given feedback to keep us on track. I also found in-class presentations really helpful as they gave everyone the chance to see how others are doing and to learn from them, and the teachers were there to help.
I also gained a lot of friends through the course, and it is great to have a network of friends who all understand and can support each other.
As a result of the course I can now read and write with confidence and my spelling is excellent. This has boosted my life greatly; the way I talk is different, my perspective on life has changed and I am now very open to new ideas and opportunities.
I have since written a children’s book, ‘The Travelling Trio’, and have started two businesses: one selling children’s toys and the other selling food spices. I have set up websites for the businesses and I am able to send emails, letters and invoices to my clients and customers.
I feel proud of myself and my achievements. Morley has helped me to be a better person, grown my confidence and made me more independent. In the past I would have waited for people to do things for me; now I am looking for things to do to keep me busy and ways to build my business and career.

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