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  • Ella Fearon-Low

    Ella Fearon-Low: Artist Jeweller started her jewellery business after training at Morley College London.

    Ella Fearnon-Low
  • Adam Jefford

    A great place to learn and develop new skills

    Adam Jefford
  • Johnny Harris

    My acting career all started when I walked through the doors of Morley College London

    Johnny Harris
  • Phoenix Martins

    Former Music student talks about her fascinating musical journey since leaving Morley College London

    Phoenix Martins
  • Alex Coats

    My favourite thing about the college was definitely the camaraderie

    Profile outline
  • Alison Moy

    Morley and its wonderful art teachers have had a profound effect on my life, I am so grateful I have left a bequest to the college in my will!

    Alison Moy
  • Amanda Ishaka Adiohwo

    Morley has helped me to be a better person, grown my confidence and made me more independent

    Amanda Adiohwo
  • Amanda Parkes

    I would describe my time at college as really fulfilling

    Amanda Parkes
  • Anna Somerset

    I was inspired to write a radio drama and have also gained the confidence to submit some poetry which has been published.

    Anna Somerset
  • Annie Bree Croon

    I loved my course at the college. It gave me the freedom to focus on my creative projects in a fun and supportive environment.

    Annie Bree-Croon

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