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The Tale Weavers: An interactive audio-story

Page One Theatre and Morley College London were programmed in June to perform their new children’s theatre show, Tale Weavers. Now we are in lockdown, they have decided to turn this once live project into an interactive audio-story designed for the whole family (recommended for ages 4-12). The audio-stories will be available to listen to here on Friday 26 June!

Tale Final

About Tale Weavers

Tired of the usual Fairy Tales? Heard them all before? Join Page One Theatre and Morley College London Acting students in this interactive audio-story adventure for the whole family! Become a Tale Weaver and transform your home into frightful forests or mighty mountains, your toys into the tools to traverse them, and call on your family as companions in the quest of a lifetime! Enter the Fairy Tale of your own making by listening to a not-so-known story of bravery and friendship, and then tell the rest yourself! Time to tell your own Tale…

What do children gain from this audio-story?

This is a fun and all-inclusive way to foster the imagination, movement and creativity of everyone at home!

The educational value of this experience is highly beneficial as taking part will grow your child’s imagination and inspire them to create their own story. Children will develop their focus, spoken word, listening, creative and motor skills as they interact with different sections of the story.

Head here on 26 June to listen!

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