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Penny Lecture: What is Happiness?

We all want to be happy, that much is certain, and we know how lucky we are to have once been happy, before the world of Lockdown, Covid and social distancing.

To commemorate International Happiness Day on 20th March, philosophers Anja Steinbauer and Gerald Jones explore what it means to be happy, and what (if anything) philosophy can teach us about happiness and how we can reach it in these extraordinary times that we’re living through.

To hear more from Anja and to get involved, check out her Community Taster Wellbeing and Philosophy at Midnight (11 & 25 March).

Wellbeing and Philosophy at Midnight – a series of three discussions to improve wellbeing for those sleepless, anxious nights. The first session has already taken ​place, but you are welcome to join the remaining two sessions on 11th and 25th March. Meet up with other London night owls at midnight for a candlelit hour of thinking about and discussing the philosophy of life, wellbeing, health and happiness. Light a candle and join us on Zoom at 23:45 for a midnight start. See you then!