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Penny Lecture: Thinking in Circles Sustainable Design and the Circular Economy by Sally Wright

Sally is a Designer/ Maker with a broad background in fashion, textiles and sculpture. Her work ranges from creations for high end fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel, bespoke accessory ranges for various retailers, and an art career encompassing art residencies, lectures and numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Sally has a teaching portfolio ranging from primary and secondary education, through to tutoring at various FE and HE institutions including the Royal College of Art. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and exploring how creativity and design impact all aspects of our lives.

Sally has become increasingly interested in the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental impact on the products and objects we utilise every day. Her current area of research focuses very much on this area, having set up the LeatherLookLeg studio in 2019 to explore materials and design processes that minimise our impact on the planet.