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Penny Lecture: Performance and Positivity by Samuel Blenkin

PL: Sam B
Our oldest tradition dates all the way back to when we were first founded. Listen to a lecture on an interesting and unusual topic, delivered by an expert, for just a penny.

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Sam is an artist, musician and performer based in London. He has been acting since he was six and has been a professional actor for the past two years. Currently he is working towards The Ocean at The End of The Lane at the National Theatre. His previous roles include playing Scorpius Malfoy in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on the West End, as well as starring in films for BBC and Netflix. 

In this lecture Sam will be sharing some of the experiences from his first youth theatre show, to applying for drama school and ultimately working in what can be a difficult and challenging industry. He will also share the importance of how drama, theatre and acting can help everyone speak confidently, honestly and aid general wellbeing – even if you’re not crazy enough to want to pursue acting!

Tickets available here via Eventbrite

He will discuss the key ideas behind theatre and screen acting, and the way actors prepare for roles. Giving you an insight into his work the crossover into everyday life.

This lecture is open to all, whether you’re interested in choosing acting as a career, or if you’re just interested in the process and results.

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