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March into Spring Taster Sessions

Choose from our exciting selection of FREE taster courses. Whether it’s Rainbow Science for Families, Soft Shoe Shuffle or Getting to know Lively Lambeth Ladies, there’s sure to be a short taster course that will pique your interest

These online courses are funded by Lambeth Adult Learning and are open to all London residents aged 19+. Please note, these tasters are only available to residents in Greater London and are restricted to a maximum of three per adult.

If you see a course that you’re interested in simply click register and choose the workshop you are interested in. Families, you only need to register adults, not your children.

Our registration form will ask you for your personal data and information such as your employment situation. Don’t let this put you off. It is a funding requirement and it enables us to offer our courses to you for FREE. Be reassured that all your data and information is securely stored under our Data policy. If you have any question, please contact michael.turkheim@morleycollege.ac.uk.


Simple Science for Families – Rainbow Science 
Friday, 10.00-13.00 
5 March 
Tutor: Fiona Murray 
This Family Science taster is an opportunity for families to explore rainbows.  You will use common household materials to carry out some fun practical experiments.  Then we will share our observations and the theory behind the phenomena we observe.
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Zumba Dance Styles from around the World 
Sunday, 14.00-15.00 
7 March – 28 March 
Tutor: Beverley Daniel-Blugh 
Are you a little nervous about dancing?  Then, let your dance journey start here in this friendly and supportive online taster course.
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Use Castanets and Clapping to Discover the Joy of Flamenco & Spanish Dance Rhythms 
Monday, 10.30-11.30 
8 March – 22 March 
Tutor: Fenella Barker 
Learn and understanding the basics of castanet and palmas (hand clapping) techniques and develop an understanding of the use of counter rhythms (contratiempo) in flamenco and Spanish dance and music.
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Get to know your sewing machine – a course for beginners 
Thursday, 10.00-12.00 
11 March – 18 March 
Tutor: Eileen Wedderburn 
Have you got a sewing machine and don’t know what to do with it, or you’re not confident using it?  This course will enable you to operate your sewing machine more confidently and adjust the settings to achieve a desired effect. You will learn how to thread-up, alter stitch lengths, stitch widths, use embroidery settings, make buttonholes, and control the speed and direction of you sewing. 
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Wellbeing and Philosophy at Midnight 
Thursday, 23.45-01.00 
11 March & 25 March & 8 April
Tutor: Anja Steinbauer 
Wellbeing and Philosophy at Midnight – a series of three discussions to improve wellbeing for those sleepless, anxious nights. The first session has already taken ​place, but you are welcome to join the remaining two sessions on 25th March and 8th April. Meet up with other London night owls at midnight for a candlelit hour of thinking about and discussing the philosophy of life, wellbeing, health and happiness.  Light a candle and join us on Zoom at 23:45 for a midnight start. See you then!
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International Women’s Day: Lively Lambeth Ladies 
Saturday, 10.30-13.30 
13 March 
Tutor: Caryle Webb-Ingall 
In this short course we’ll be looking at some Lambeth women who challenged the society in which they lived and whose lives are commemorated in memorials in the metropolis. You will learn about spies and scientists, actors and writers, the famous and not so well known. There will also be an accompanying podcast and your tutor will provide you with details of this. 
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Flamenco Dance in Slippers for Absolute Beginners 
Saturday, 10.30-11.30 
13 March – 27 March  
Tutor: Fenella Barker 
Learn some very basic flamenco arm and footwork movements and recognise one or more of the core flamenco rhythms.
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Pilates – Get Started and Improve your Postural Strength 
Monday and Friday, 12.00-13.00 
15 March – 26 March
Tutor: Caroline Ings-Chambers 
These introductory sessions will set you on the path of Pilates practice by explaining the basics of the Pilates method, describing exactly what is meant by core strength, and demystifying the vocabulary of Pilates.
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Sitting too much?  Time to Improve your Posture! 
Monday and Friday, 13.30-14.30 
15 March – 26 March 
Tutor: Caroline Ings-Chambers 
This short course is designed to offset the effects of sitting, working at a desk, or at a computer, for long periods of time. The whole-body approach aims at rejuvenating movement patterns.
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Soft Shoe Shuffle -Tap Dancing at Home 
Monday, 14.00-15:30
15 March – 29 March
Tutor: Lexi Bradburn 

This short course is suitable for complete beginners and those who wish to refresh their foundations in tap. A chance to learn new steps and sequences through the creativity, playfulness and musicality of rhythm tap. You can do this course in your socks, preferably on a hard floor. There is no need for tap shoes as your feet will be working quietly– perfect for learning at home! 
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Weave a small Tapestry using Household Items – a taster for beginners 
Tuesday, 10.30-12.30 
16 March – 23 March 
Tutor: Justine Randall 
Learn the basics of weaving a small tapestry at home on a cardboard frame, using everyday household items.
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Public Sculpture by Women in and around Lambeth – a virtual walking tour 
Wednesday, 12.30-15.30 
17 March 
Tutors: Sheila Volmer and Alex Harley 
This session will give you an introduction to the language of sculpture and provide an opportunity to identify public sculpture by women in and around the Lambeth area.  We will look at contemporary and historical facts around these sculptures and examine the relevance and impact that they have had. 
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Adult Social Care – Is this the career for you? 
Tuesday, 11.00-14.00 
23 – 30 March 
Tutor: Connie Stephenson 
This taster session is aimed at learners who are thinking about working or volunteering in adult care but have no experience or qualifications. This taster session will give you an insight into the Level 1 Health and Social Care qualifications that Morley College runs.
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Celebrate Women’s History Month – a joyous and gentle performance art work out, exploring Sculptures past and present 
Wednesday, 13.00-16.00 
24 March 
Tutor: Lara Ritosa-Roberts 
Performance art ‘sculpture yoga’ sessions for all, including families…no need to be fit to do it! Each pose embodies an existing public sculpture.  March is Women’s History month so…during the taster I would be guiding participants through a gentle ‘workout’ referencing history and art of anti-fascist and women’s rights struggle with a lot of humour, fun and participation!
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Street Dance Styles – an introduction 
Wednesday, 17.00-18.00 
24 March – 21 April (no class on 7 April) 
Tutor: Marta Valverde 
This short course will give you the opportunity to learn the foundations of street dance – the styles, the techniques, the exchange culture and where the ‘dance’ lies. Suitable for complete beginners or those with some experience who want to practise their style.
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Mending techniques using your sewing machine 
Thursday, 10.00-12.00 
25 March – 1 April 
Tutor: Eileen Wedderburn 
Do you wish that you could mend and alter your own clothes instead of taking them to the dry cleaners?  This course will equip you with the skills to do so. In this course you will learn the foundation of alterations and mending.  You will be able to alter seams, adjust hems, experiment with a variety of seams and make buttonholes.
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