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Framing The Everyday, a talk and workshop by renowned Sculptor Susie Olczak

Renowned Sculptor, Susie Olczak, will give an insight in to working on public-sculpture projects, followed by workshops for all ages on how to use everyday materials at home to create sophisticated sculpture maquettes and prints. Join the talk at 6pm tonight here.

Link to join talk: https://tinyurl.com/kjcbvs73

Ahead of the workshop you will need to gather a few materials to take part. Not all are essential but the more gathering the better

Paper – as many types as you can find / magazines . newspapers too

Sheet of plastic or glass – can use old homeware / any surface that is wipeable

Roller – Can use rolling pin


Ink / paints

Glue stick

Tape – As many types as you can find



Read more about Susie and her work here.

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