Championing equality, celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive learning and working environment are key to our core values at Morley College London. 

You told us that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion needed to be an integrated theme in our strategic plan for the coming years at Morley, and we agree.

So we’re developing ways to implement that by working with the National Centre for Diversity to audit perceptions of our culture at Morley. This will give us a clear understanding of how our students, staff and communities experience Morley and where we can improve.

We’ll be calling on the principles of FREDIE to evaluate and improve the culture at Morley. These are:

  • Fairness – Being reasonable, right and just.
  • Respect – Having due regard for feelings, wishes and rights of others.
  • Equality – Where every person has equal rights and every person has a fair chance.
  • Diversity – Diverse means different. We are all different so diversity includes us all. The concept of diversity encompasses understanding, acceptance and respect
  • Inclusion – Where every person feels respected, valued and that they fit in with the organisational culture.
  • Engagement – Two-way commitment and communication between an organisation and its employees.

Participating in this consultation gives you the opportunity to directly influence and improve life at Morley, so that we can continue to serve the diverse communities of London.

Your responses will inform our next steps toward positive change at the college. They are completely confidential, so please feel free to be open and honest about your experiences.

To share your views and experiences, please complete a short, online survey by Friday 5th February 2021:

If you work at Morley, please complete this survey.

If you study at Morley, please complete this survey.

If you’re a member of our wider community, please complete this survey.

We greatly appreciate your responses and continued involvement with Morley College London.

The Morley Team