When & Where

Quick Facts

  • Availability No
  • Tutor Ronaldo Wiltshire
  • Course Code K22MCAE04D
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

Whether you are on the start of your journey or returning after a long break, this ceramics workshop will improve your hand building and throwing skills and techniques. We will first focus on centring the clay, making Cylinders and then altering them to create a new form, before moving on to trimming. During the final week you will glaze all the pieces made in the previous sessions. Optional projects will be set for those with some experience.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Decorate pots with slips and underglazes, and how to use glaze to decorative effect
  • Learn about different types of clay, firing temperatures and their suitability to different techniques
  • Keep a working journal of inspirational material from the internet and magazines, sketches and technical notes for your own benefit and is not compulsory


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee
  • Class format and activities

    Safety is paramount at Morley College and all on-site classes will be run under strict social distancing guidelines with smaller class sizes and additional hygiene procedures in place. Please act responsibly and do not attend the class if you display any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in recent contact with someone who has.

    Entry requirements

    You must be aged 19 or over at the start date of the course. There are no entry requirements for this course, if you are a beginner or someone with more experience, this will be suitable for you.

    What you need to know before you enrol

    Regular attendance is to your own benefit. If you know you can't attend please inform the tutor in advance.

    What you need

    As a student of Morley College you have access to Microsoft 365, including Office 365 and Teams throughout your course.

    What you can do next

    This is a leisure course, and is not examined in any way. There will be Q&As in groups and during one-to-one guidance and observation. There will be lots of verbal ongoing developmental feedback and advice.