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Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Course Code W22DPAB14A
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

If you are a photographer/artist working with ideas and projects which need time, space and expert guidance to develop, this course is for you. This course helps you to prepare a professional portfolio of images to advance in a photography career or apply to Higher Education at University. Allowing you to bridge the gap between the fundamental operation of the camera towards more advanced techniques and creative approaches; this course will engage you with challenging assignments, one-to-one support and critical group feedback. Taught by industry professionals plus visiting tutors, and using the latest equipment and software this course is designed to stretch and challenge your professional practice, encouraging you to think about your image-making in fresh contemporary contexts whatever your current photographic and cultural interests. The course ends with a public exhibition of your work and develops skills in curating and presentation. If you are not entitled to a reduced fee but are finding it difficult to pay for your course in one go, we can offer a Staged Payment Agreement to split the costs into three payments if your course(s) costs £200 or more. Please talk to a member of enrolment staff about how your payments would be structured. You are liable for all payments under this agreement, even if you stop attending your class.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop work against 'real world' assignments that displays a personal creative approach
  • Practice image editing software to a good standard
  • Set up your own Wordpress website to display your work to intended audiences
  • Develop skills in presenting and 'pitching' your work and ideas to a variety of audiences
  • Know how to work professionally at all stages of the course - including the application of ethics and legalities
  • Engage in frequent critical discussion with your peers about ongoing project work
  • Show your work in a public exhibition at the end of the course
  • Review and practice a variety of ways to display your work including via 'Zines and Book-Making
  • Learn how to write about your ideas and intentions for photography


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee
  • Class format and activities

    You will learn in a comfortable well-resourced photography and video studio via a mix of presentation, active learning exercises, assignments, demonstrations, hand-outs, step-by-step instructions, pair working and group discussion. The most up-to-date software is available. Manageable project work will be assigned between and during classes to help you progress and one-to-one tuition will be given to help develop your ideas and skills. The classes are informal and allow for question-and-answer sessions and technical advice and support, depending on your needs. You will receive regular assessment and feedback on your progress.?You will work as a whole class, in small break-out groups, in pairs and one-to-one with your tutor. Learners will be encouraged to use the class forum to share and support each other with project work between classes if required. All Morley College students receive a generous discount on Adobe CC Software (see information below) and a free Microsoft Office account with Email, MS Teams, Office Apps and more!

    Entry requirements

    Upon applying for this course, you will be invited to present examples of your work to the tutor, ideally in person but this can also be arranged via e mail or video conference if necessary. The tutor will want to know more about your existing skills and knowledge and will discuss your work and ideas with you. Please use the website to alert us of your interest and we shall arrange an appointment with you. A keen interest in the subject and the ability to attend the sessions regularly is key to your success. As part of the course you will be asked to read material, take notes, listen to instructions and discuss related topics, therefore students should have a reasonable level of skill in speaking, reading and writing in English. If you are not entitled to a reduced fee but are finding it difficult to pay for your course in one go, we can offer a Staged Payment Agreement to split the costs into three payments if your course(s) costs £200 or more. Please talk to a member of enrolment staff about how your payments would be structured. You are liable for all payments under this agreement, even if you stop attending your class.?

    What you need to know before you enrol

    Some lessons may be outside on location. A reasonable level of fitness will be required for walking and carrying equipment such as tripods. Classes are taught in our professional studio: a flexible working space designed for studio photography, postproduction, scanning and printing. It is equipped with Elinchrom lighting, cameras, accessories and 16 MacBook Pro laptops, all with retina display and the latest Adobe CC software. Learning iss upported through the use of a large clear projector display and Apple AirPlay. A separate area allows for high-end photographic printing. Analogue photography and alternative processes are supported by a pop-up darkroom. You may wish to revise and practise at home to reinforce what you have learned during the lesson. Information about computers and relevant software will be provided by the tutor. Many of the Art & Design studios have limited accessibility. If you have restricted mobility please contact the Art & Design Administrator on 0207 450 1934 or Learning Support on 0207 450 1835 before enrolling.

    What you need

    To get the most from your learning it would be helpful to have your own camera and lens. Your camera should allow you access to manual controls. If you are learning software, it would be of benefit to possess the software for use at home. As a student of Morley College you are entitled to a generous discount on Adobe CC Software. It would be helpful for you to have a pen and notepad, as you may wish to take notes. Also recommended is a storage device such as USB Memory stick (minimum 8GB) mini-hard drive or access to a cloud storage service. This is for storage of media during the course, and of your work at the end. 66% DISCOUNT ON ADOBE CC SOFTWARE If you are interested in getting a generous discount (a saving of 66%) on the whole suite of Adobe CC software packages please visit Adobe Creative Cloud for Students You will need to prove you are a student at Morley College London and the simplest way to do that is use your Morley e-mail address, which is your student number followed by @morley.ac.uk e.g. 12345678@morley.ac.uk Students who provide us with their personal e-mail address are sent details of their Morley e-mail address and how to access it. Please see here for useful information on systems requirements for running Adobe CC products System Requirements

    What you can do next

    We offer a wide range of courses in Photography running at beginner, intermediate and advanced stages. A range of portfolio and specialist-subject courses include Beginners and Intermediate digital camera skills, Documentary Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography and Photography for Websites and Portfolios. Learn to post-produce and manage your photographs with our NEW Adobe Photography Pack: Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. PROMOTING YOURSELF: To help get your work noticed we also offer Website Building and Blogging courses using Wordpress.Com and Wordpress.Org plus our courses in Editorial Photography for Publication and Photobook and Zine-Making, plus courses in digital skills for social media New for 2021: Adobe Certified Professional courses in Visual Design and Video Design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The certificates are industry-recognised credentials that can prove helpful for your career and help you gain confidence in using the software at a professional level. And! Create stunning 3D photo imagery with our new Photogrammetry course Please speak to your tutor, browse our website, or call the Digital Media, Film & Photography Department on 0207 450 1869 for more information. PROUD TO PRESENT! Visit the Morley Digital Blog - for News, Galleries, Events and Student Spotlights! A comprehensive site where you can read success stories and catch up on new course information, news and events. Morley Digital Blog Lastly head on over to browse and follow us on social media: Morley Digital Instagram and Morley Digital Facebook