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Suitable For

  • 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor Adam Johns
  • Course Code W21LUSH02A

What you will learn

Get a taster of Swahili, a language spoken by over 100 million people in East Africa. This taster will also introduce you to the discipline of social and cultural anthropology. What is anthropology all about? Explore what makes us human, and in what ways we differ from one place or cultural setting to another. The focus will be on the culture and society where Swahili is spoken in East Africa and will introduce you to the basics of the language (i.e., greetings and introductions).

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Greet a variety of people formally and informally
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Grasp key facts about the culture and society of East Africa
  • Recognise the key concepts and core terms of social and cultural anthropology
  • Understand the development of social and cultural anthropology as an academic discipline


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee