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Quick Facts

  • Availability No
  • Tutor Aurelie Dellasanta
  • Course Code W24JWYD04B
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

Learn a wide range of jewellery making techniques and work confidently with a range of materials such as precious metals, stones and plastics. Contemporary trends are studied through group discussions, projects and research to help you create a range of beautiful and professionally finished pieces. This course is a studio based course but will continue online with design based project if there is another lockdown situation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Follow a technical project using new techniques to develop your skills
  • Work confidently with metals and other materials to produce finished pieces of jewellery
  • Identify the correct tools, materials and processes needed to complete the job in hand
  • Work confidently in the workshop applying Health and Safety guidelines

Class format and activities

This is a practical class and you will be learning how to make pieces of jewellery to develop or build on your skills. You will learn to work confidently with metals and other materials. As a beginner you will start with a series of basic practical projects designed to encourage familiarity with the tools, materials and processes most frequently used in the studio. You will make three or four pieces of jewellery starting with base metals and progressing to working in silver. As a returning or intermediate student you will be encouraged to develop your own designs with technical help on a one to one basis from the tutor. Technical projects will be set where appropriate. You will learn through group demonstrations and individual, one - to- one help and guidance, with technical and critical advice depending on your needs. The tutor will give demonstrations, presentations and lead group discussions around technical and creative subjects. You will work at your own pace, negotiating individual learning goals with your tutor and assess these on a learning statement.

Entry requirements

The course is suitable for complete beginners who have no previous jewellery making experience and intermediate level learners who want to gain further confidence in jewellery making techniques.

What you need to know before you enrol

The jewellery studio is on the third floor of the main building, there is lift access. You need a moderate level of fitness to be able to use jewellery equipment. Some chemicals used may be harmful in pregnancy. Please let the tutor know if you are pregnant and they will advise you as to necessary precautions. Appropriate health and safety guidance will be given as each new technique is introduced.

What you need

Students will be expected to buy some materials for their projects (e.g. silver, precious stones, saw blades). A comprehensive list of these and suppliers will be provided during the first lesson. A note book for technical notes and designs is strongly recommended. New students with previous experience should bring in an example of their work. The college provides all of the tools necessary to take part in the course and basic materials in reasonable quantities such as base metals, paper, acrylic etc.

What you can do next

This is an open ended course where different techniques are covered each term and you are encouraged to continue with the same tutor in order to develop your jewellery making skills and individual style. Follow on courses are W21JWYD04D and W21JWYD04F - Beginners and Intermediate Jewellery. Experience gained on this course will be beneficial if you are interested in applying for higher education courses in the visual/ applied arts or a qualification in jewellery design.