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Suitable For

  • 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor Lorenzo Andreani
  • Course Code W21DPAF01A

What you will learn

This course, held at Morley College’s Waterloo Centre, is for students who are new to Parametric Modelling and 3D Computer Modelling techniques (CAD). Parametric Modelling is a design process carried out using powerful software - allowing one to create, modify and realise commercial products and 3D artefacts. The software used on this course is Autodesk AutoCAD, which is free to students as a one-year license. Used extensively in the design and engineering industries the skills learned on this course mirror those used by professionals who create the products we see and use every day. Artists, engineers, and inventors will benefit from making prototypes of their work saving time and expense in production. Parametric models, once created, can be viewed in a 3D workspace from all angles and endlessly edited and redesigned – everything from solid structure, size and shape to the qualities of the surface can be amended. 3D printing will also be employed to see your models come to life. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a professional skill for potential employment and could lead to a career as a CAD Draughtsperson and 3D Designer. It could also help you to progress into similar courses within higher education City and Guilds qualifications are industry recognised certificates and Autodesk AutoCAD is used extensively in Parametric Modelling. Students should have access to a copy of CAD software at home. And we can provide you with all the information you will need to access the free license and download the software. The course is taught on Apple Macs but students who prefer the Windows operating system may use their own PC laptops in class.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use standard templates to create parts and assemblies
  • Create geometry within the sketch environment
  • Create extruded and revolving features from sketched geometry
  • Place component parts into an assembly
  • Use assembly constraints to assemble and align parts
  • Create a drawing layout in presentation format to suit the software in use


  • Full fee
  • Concession fee
  • Class format and activities

    This course is delivered at Morley College, Waterloo Centre. Our affordable courses are taught by industry professionals in friendly, well-resourced classroom and studio environments. We are London's largest provider of courses for adults who come to study for fun, to develop new skills for professional development or to apply for Higher Education. Our courses run daytimes, evenings and weekends, all year long. Come and join us! You will learn in a comfortable well-resourced digital design studio with the latest software. Learn via a mix of presentation, active learning exercises, assignments, demonstrations, hand-outs, step-by-step instructions, pair working and group discussion. The most up-to-date software is available. Manageable project work will be assigned between and during classes to help you progress and one-to-one tuition will be given to help develop your ideas and skills. The classes are informal and allow for question-and-answer sessions and technical advice and support, depending on your needs. You will receive regular assessment and feedback on your progress. You will work as a whole class, in small break-out groups, in pairs and one-to-one with your tutor. Learners will be encouraged to use the class forum to share and support each other with project work between classes if required. All Morley College students receive a generous discount on Adobe CC Software (see information below) and a free Microsoft Office account with Email, MS Teams, Office Apps and more!

    Entry requirements

    Enrolment can be done easily online via the Morley College website. A keen interest in the subject and the ability to attend the sessions regularly is key to your success. As part of the course, you will be asked to read material, take notes, listen to instructions, present, and discuss your work with your tutor and to others, give and receive feedback on your work and discuss related topics, therefore students should have a reasonable level of skill in speaking, reading, and writing in English.

    What you need to know before you enrol

    It would be helpful if you have some familiarity with Macintosh and/or PC computers and know how to use standard menus and commands, however this is not an essential requirement as these skills can be picked up during the course. As this is a course primarily delivered on computers, students will be encouraged to be aware of fatigue and eye strain and take breaks when necessary. Your tutor will therefore build in structured project tasks that allow you to practice at your own time, reconvening as a group to share the progress of work. Information about the computers and the relevant software will be provided by the tutor in the classroom. It would be helpful for you to have a pen and notepad, as you may wish to take notes as the class progresses. Also recommended is a storage device such as USB Memory Stick (minimum 8GB) or mini-hard drive. If you are not entitled to a reduced fee but are finding it difficult to pay for your course in one go, we can offer a Staged Payment Agreement to split the costs into three payments if your course(s) costs £200 or more. Please talk to a member of enrolment staff about how your payments would be structured. You are liable for all payments under this agreement, even if you stop attending your class

    What you need

    Yout tutor will show you how to access the free student license of AutoDesk AutoCad which will be the main software used on this course. It would be of benefit but not essential to possess the software for use at home. As a student at Morley College, you are entitled to a generous discount on Adobe CC Software - find out more below It would be helpful for you to have a pen and notepad, as you may wish to take notes. Also recommended is a storage device such as USB Memory stick (minimum 8GB), mini-hard drive or access to a cloud storage service such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or GMail. This is for storage of media during the course, and of your work at the end. 66% DISCOUNT ON ADOBE CC SOFTWARE If you are interested in getting a generous discount (a saving of 66%) on the whole suite of Adobe CC software packages please visit? Adobe Creative Cloud for Students You will need to prove you are a student at Morley College London and the simplest way to do that is use your Morley e-mail address, which is your student number followed by @morley.ac.uk e.g. 12345678@morley.ac.uk Students who provide us with their personal e-mail address are sent details of their Morley e-mail address and how to access it. N.B. By using this discounted offer, you are entering a financial arrangement with Adobe. Morley College cannot enter into any financial, maintenance or support needs or subsequent issues arising when you use Adobe CC products on your own equipment. Please read the terms and conditions on the Adobe website. A lso, to check you have a suitable computer, please see here for useful information on systems requirements for running Adobe CC products System Requirements

    What you can do next

    After your course ends why not continue to build your skills? The City and Guilds Level 2 Award in Parametric Modelling (CAD) is the ideal next course to join - building on the skills learned at level 1. We offer a wide range of courses in Adobe Software at all levels, plus gain access to free software like Blender and Autodesk for 3D Modelling. Step into a new dimension with 3D Printing and Photogrammetry short courses New for 2021: Adobe Certified Professional courses in Visual Design and Video Design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The certificates are industry-recognised credentials that can prove helpful for your career and help you gain confidence in using the software at a professional level. As you advance you can join our Level 3 Course in Graphic Design, or for the full-time experience see our Access to HE Creative Digital Media course. We also offer a range of short courses at times to suit you. To display and promote your work, learn to build websites and blogs with WordPress – the world's most popular web design and content management platform. Please speak to your tutor, browse our website, or call the Digital Media, Film & Photography Department on 0207 450 1869 for more information. PROUD TO PRESENT! Visit the Morley Digital Blog - for News, Galleries, Events and Student Spotlights! A comprehensive site where you can read success stories and catch up on new course information, news and events. Morley Digital Blog Lastly head on over to browse and follow us on social media: Morley Digital Instagram and Morley Digital Facebook