Jazz workshop advanced

When and Where

9 Jun 2019 - 9 Jun 2019 (4 hours, 1 day)
Days and times
Sunday 11:00 - 16:00
Morley College London


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Quick Facts

Adam Dyer
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What you will learn

A workshop for experienced jazz players that want to improve their understanding of the jazz idiom and bring their improvisational skills to the next level. This class will focus on how to approach improvisation on standards in a number of different ways -
Melodically - playing inside the changes with a bebop approach, and how to using strong melodic shapes and patterns to take you outside the harmony in a convincing way.
Rhythmically - playing with different subdivisions of the beat and superimposing “metric modulations”.
Harmonically - substitutions and voicings.
This term we will focus on the tunes:
All the things you are,
Moment’s Notice

By the end of the course you will be able to

  • Understand that there are different melodic, harmonic and rhythmic approaches to improvising over a set of changes
  • Be able to apply the concepts required for playing "inside" and "outside" the harmony
  • Use various limitations of improv parameters as starting points for improvisation (eg restricted range/ rhythmic content etc.)

Class format and activities

After playing through the tunes All the things you are, Anthropology and Moment’s Notice (it would be good to prepare these before the class), we will discuss the different approaches to playing over the harmonies of these tunes.
Each player will have the opportunity to try out new approaches to improvisation on these tunes if they like.
Class discussion and positive feedback from class members about each others playing and what could be expanded upon or improved to get the playing to the next level.

Constructive and supportive feedback from your tutor will help you succeed during the class.

Entry requirements

Experience of playing and improvising over standards.
Experience of playing with good time, tone
Knowledge of jazz harmony, scales and swing feel.
Ideally, knowledge of the three tunes, or at least the ability to sight-read them from a lead sheet.

What you will need for your class

Pencil, notebook, instrument.

What you can do next

The next advanced jazz workshop (Summer Term)